Gyro Technology spins any camera video around a central platform creating a 360 degrees view.

While guests stand on a platform, a camera attached to a metal arm turns automatically around them.


The result is a stunning video that looks
like a cinema scene.
The installation takes few minutes.


The possibilities where you can use it are endless:

  • Events
  • Cinema and TV recordings.
  • Marketing and branding.
  • Sport experiences.
  • Weddings and private parties.

What does it include?

What does it include?

  • GYROº Platform and Arm Structure
  • Electronics to control speed
  • Customizable platform with your logo
  • Clamp for your camera
  • Online Training Session via Team Viewer

Go Pro

360 video



High ROI

Online Training

Rotation Speed
10-30 rpm

Platform Size
100 cms

18 cms

24 kgs

Price (only hardware+shipping): $4950

Price (hardware+software+shipping): $5450

VAT and TAX are not included.


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